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Fabzy enables you to view the business calendar and book a time that suits you. Giving you time savings and greater convenience. The well established review system lets you find trusted businesses and promote your favourite establishments and staff. In partnership with local businesses, our goal is to make the end-to-end experience secure, efficient and enjoyable.

Covid-19 Coronavirus

Book through Fabzy to help your local businesses to maintain social distancing and minimise the impact of Covid-19 Coronavirus

  • Fabzy Helps You...

    Find Services in your vicinity

    Search via business name, by your location or by postal code for businesses and their service offerings in your vicinity. See a map view of your proximity to them.

    Confirm Bookings in Seconds

    Book appointments with your favourite member of staff, at a time that suits you, in seconds and get confirmations.

    Enjoy the best experience and leave Reviews

    Be able confirm your arrival at the appointment, get timely service and Leave reviews and access other clients verified reviews.

    Search Businesses

    Find, connect and book with businesses from anywhere.

    Tailor your Booking

    Get real-time access to full service offering and select staff member

    A Tailored Service

    • Real-time orders and confirmation.

    • Chat directly with staff to customise your order.

    • Securely share images of your preferred styles with staff prior to service/treatment.

    • Leave pertinent feedback and review at the end of the service.

    • Choose a login method that suits you, Google, Facebook, instagram account or your mobile.

    Manage Your Orders

    • Get reminders via SMS, email and push notifications

    • Loyalty point automatically tracked

    • Direct Contact with Business through in-app messaging
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